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Sonia Gordon-Walinsky is an artist and educator who creates Hebrew and English calligraphy artwork on paper and clay. She is widely known for her unique personalized Torah artwork that she calls “Name Pasuk Art”.

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about the artist

Sonia Gordon-Walinsky is an artist and educator working primarily in paper, clay and wool. She brings Jewish texts to life through her Hebrew, English and Yiddish calligraphic artwork. She is known for her unique personalized Torah artwork that she calls “Name Pasuk Art”. Pasuk is the Hebrew word for verse, and a name pasuk is a Biblical verse that begins with the first letter and ends with the last letter of a person’s name, or otherwise contains the letters of a name. Sonia travels to synagogues, schools and other communities to teach about this Kabbalistic tradition, and engage youth and adults – with a special focus on intergenerational groups- in choosing a meaningful name pasuk.  She creates this sacred artwork, as well as other text-based artwork for all life-cycle events.

Sonia is a graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, and was a Drisha Institute Arts Fellow. Sonia and her mother, Nina Gordon, began their intergenerational partnership as participants in the Temple Emanuel Artists’ Beit Midrash in NYC. They studied Jewish texts together and created collaborative artwork in response to the texts. Today they combine their skills and passions to create ceramic blessing and mindfulness bowls, and clay and wool sculptural artwork. Sonia and Nina have exhibited their work in group exhibits in NYC and Philadelphia, including an annual exhibit at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Follow their evolving art journey on Instagram @soniagordonwalinsky. 

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Clients include both individuals and organizations across North America and Israel. Here are a selected group of recent clients I've worked with.

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